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Mini Mushroom Ring Toss
Sku code MP-MR01(N)

Form Board
Sku code PT06507

8 Shaped Extensor (Hard)
Sku code MP-ESE145

Happy Home and Furniture
Sku code S543B

Mass Bricks ( 121 pcs )
Sku code TKP121A

Baby Rattle (Twisted)
Sku code PT02510

Horseshoe Step
Sku code MP-HSP01(P)

Threading Blocks
Sku code BR34661

Fit A Circle
Sku code BR34904

Sku code BR50119

Planet Maze Table
Sku code BR36002

Playground Set
Sku code PT06587

Single Roll Paper Centre
Sku code BR32133

8 Shaped Extensor Soft
Sku code MP-ESE115

Safari Jigsaw Elephant
Sku code S414A

Golf Club Set
Sku code MP-GBH23N

Yummy Pizza
Sku code S619D

Dart 'N' Target
Sku code MP-DNT01(B)

Learn To Count
Sku code LM409

Jumping Rope 12'
Sku code MP-JP12B

Colourful Clown
Sku code S204E

Swinging Loop
Sku code MP-SL01BC

Planet Maze Table
Sku code BR36002

Lacing Butterfly
Sku code S235

Fairy Theater
Sku code BR36021

Activity Blocks
Sku code S413A

Chop Chop Chicken
Sku code S033

City Fire Station Set wi
Sku code PT10851-3

Large - Fork Lift Truck
Sku code BR39032

Clown Faces Sorter
Sku code BR34715

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Brands arrow SAFSOF arrow Amusing 10 Toss Set
Amusing 10 Toss Set Click here to enlarge

Amusing 10 Toss Set

For improving physical fitness and social skill.

Price: RM146.90

This Amusing Toss Set includes 10 cans + 6 balls.  Colour varies.

Product Type:  High Impact Rubber Foam.

Product Size: Can 8cm dia x 10cm ht. Ball 6cm dia.

Packed in a clear plastic zip-up bag.



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